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At the heart of our business,

are the ones that make the difference.



We are professionals with decades of experience in our relevant fields or individuals demonstrating success beyond our years. We each bring many facets and talents to the table with our business smarts. We are practicing artists, writers, musicians, performers, teachers and creators.


We believe in what we do and in bringing new ideas to life. This extends beyond our work into our personal lives. We know that the diversity of experience adds to the value we can bring to our customers. We love delivering awesome, it’s our oxygen.


We can’t help by wonder why things are the way they are. We love to learn and see the world through others’ lenses. Our curiosity drives us to find new answers and perspectives. It is core to our thinking, seeking out new information, knowing it will help someone now or tomorrow.

Founder - Ryan Liddle

Innovator. Entrepreneur. Designer. Transformer. Speaker. Executive.

With a background in hospitality, IT and retail/supply chain (from 2006 to 2016), Ryan led a wide range of projects, holding senior roles including Head of Innovation and various Business Improvement Managers positions. This experience was transformative both for Ryan and for the organisations he worked with.


To help identify opportunities and solutions for Woolworths, Ryan led the Innovation team to engage with researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs developing new technology, products and services in food, logistics and retail. Ryan draws on his extensive experience in organisational design and change and complex strategic initiatives to share learning with his network through Think Different Anyday. He has achieved Black Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma which improves performance by systematically eliminating waste and variation from business processes. He is also trained in Design Thinking, facilitation and leverages an extensive network of innovators to bring new ideas to life.


Now a management and innovation consultant, Ryan has co-founded Think Different Anyday to promote disruptive, innovative thinking for individuals and enterprises, driving business strategies, facilitating ideas and building innovation capability. In addition, Think Different Anyday supports larger firms needing specialised capabilities and short term resources.

Specialities: Business design, Start-ups, Research, Design Thinking, Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Management Training, Facilitation, Strategy development, Organisational design, Lateral thinking, Wide ranging analytical skills, Artistic and Graphic Design Talents.

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